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Powering the World’s Events

Email Mapping

Attendee or Exhibitor didn't open your email? No problem. Now with our Email Mapping solution you can target them with personalized ads to get them to complete their registration or sponsor your event.

Any Place, Any Time

Engage with your attendees and exhibitors at their convenience and pace. Desktop or mobile, across any browser, effectively reach the right people at the right time.

Maximize your ad spend with Targeted ads

Meet your audience  •   Feathr’s audience segmentation intelligently groups your audience by common traits, finally making personalization at scale possible.

Meet your message  •  Deliver customized messages derived from real data insights, reaching your audience based on their personal interests.

Meet your goals  •  With the Feathr dashboard, your campaign performance metrics are tracked comprehensively in one place, allowing you to make adjustments and visualize your success.

"Feathr’s application of digital advertising was the best I’ve seen. Retargeting is just the beginning. Other features, like Email Mapping, really caught my attention. I was excited about the idea of using digital advertising to stay in front of email unsubscribers."

Ali Khan - Digital Marketing Manager | KNect365

KNect 365

KNect365’s Ali Khan used Feathr to generate a 5x return on his advertising spend.

Access Intelligence

Access Intelligence’s Pepper Coe turns event speakers into valuable word-of-mouth referral partners with Feathr.

HD Expo

HD Expo’s Jennifer Yarber drove $68,000 in registrations using Feathr.