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Increase Online Giving with our Digital Advertising Tools


Charities use Feathr to run coordinated online ad campaigns that build awareness and drive donations.

800+ non-profits trust Feathr












Automate your advertising to do more good, advance programs, and boost donations

Charity Ad Main

Track and segment by program interest, location, page visits, or other behaviors to get the right ads to the right people

Use retargeting technology to serve highly targeted ads to previous site visitors & lure them back to convert

Maximize conversions with cart abandonment campaigns to remind distracted donors to complete their donations

Get real-time metrics on spend, impressions, clicks, conversions, ROI, & more

Use programmatic advertising at every stage of the funnel


Grow brand awareness

Drive new visitors, donors, and clients to your website with lookalike audiences and geofencing campaigns.

Funnel (1)

Engage existing audiences

Turn first time visitors into repeat ones by using retargeting to promote key programs, campaigns, donor events, and more.

Funnel (2)

Drive the conversions you need

Turn your most engaged site visitors into donors with abandonment campaigns that drive conversions.

Run multiple types of advertising campaigns


Display Retargeting
Capture, retarget, and convert the 90+% of people who visit and leave your website without taking action the first time.

Keyword Search
Show up for people who are searching for offerings like yours. 

Email Mapping
Reach the 60+% of your email list that doesn't read your emails with ads across the web.

Lookalike Audiences
Reach people with similar interests and characteristics to your best members.

Facebook, Instagram & more!


Access over 70 networks all in one place

We work with the world’s leading ad networks to get you the best placement at the best price.






Get started with retargeting.

Schedule a 30-min strategy call with our digital marketing specialists to discuss your current strategy, see how others are using Feathr to promote online donations and other key programs, and outline a campaign plan for you to share with your team.

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Frequently asked questions


Programmatic advertising uses software to automate the buying and placement of digital ads. These ads appear online in websites, mobile apps, videos, games, etc.

Retargeting is a type of programmatic advertising that uses data captured by pixels (commonly called cookies) to display an ad to someone who has previously visited your website. It’s an effective marketing tactic that allows you to serve highly targeted ads to people who have demonstrated interest in your products, services, and membership.

Feathr can integrate with your existing software tools like fundraising and donor management platforms.

These integrations help you track the performance of your ad campaigns through to the point of completed donations, better understand the behavior of your audience, and more.

It is absolutely possible to achieve data regulation compliance while using Feathr. For more info, please see our GDPR compliance guide.

While our platform is extremely user friendly, we do offer guidance and training for new users. New customers are assigned a dedicated Onboarding & Training Specialist who will walk you through our product and answer questions to help you get started.

Feathr starts at less than $300/month, depending on the tools and services you choose.

We specialize in getting our customers started fast. We can take you from reading this webpage now to setup with launched campaigns in a matter of a few days.

The first step is to get in touch.

The use cases for ad targeting via Feathr are nearly endless, but you can start by using it to:

  1. Promote online donation drives
  2. Drive donor event registrations
  3. Boost awareness of key programs
  4. Attract clients
  5. Engage the public
  6. and much more!

Short staffed? No worries.

We create & run ad campaigns at a fraction of the cost of an agency – helping you maximize effective and minimize overhead.

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