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Top 5 Ad Campaign Ideas for Retaining Members in 2020

Aired August 5, 2020

A rapid-fire session full of easy ways to keep your members engaged.

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You're busier than ever, but don't neglect your existing members... 

Recently, we talked about some of the ways you can use ad retargeting to attract new members. But what about the members you already have?

This year more than ever, your members are looking to you for stability, thought leadership, education and more – and it's vital for you to deliver in these areas.

In this upbeat, 30-minute webinar, we'll talk about some of the top ways you can stay front and center for your members, while also leaving time to address other challenges as they pop up.

Tune in next Wednesday for:

  • A brief recap on programmatic advertising technology and how it applies to your membership goals
  • Best practices and campaign ideas for targeting criteria, messaging, and ad creatives  
  • Examples of real campaigns from Feathr customers