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Nonprofit Digital Marketing Toolkit for Year-End

This comprehensive toolkit offers nonprofits a clear path to effective digital marketing for year-end fundraising. Explore articles on Giving Tuesday tactics, access our library of swipe files and ad templates, and watch guiding webinars for proven strategies that lead to donations. 

Navigate your nonprofit to year-end success with this flight plan!

Expert Insights from the Cockpit

Prepare for a year-end journey like no other as we gear up to make this season truly unforgettable through the power of strategic marketing.

But before we embark on this flight, let us introduce you to our seasoned campaign experts — Erin Ford, the Team Manager for our Managed Services team, and Chandler McFarland, the Senior Digital Campaign Strategist. Together, they've orchestrated approximately 100 year-end marketing campaigns for nonprofits of all kinds, from pet shelters to rescue missions to local theaters.

Drawing from their wealth of experience, Erin and Chandler have prepared eight tried-and-tested ideas to help you smoothly land this year's campaign. So fasten your seatbelts, stow your tray tables, and get ready for a journey that will bring your nonprofit to a successful landing this year-end.


Ready for Departure

Explore swipe files and templates that will save you time and effort in crafting compelling marketing campaigns.


Send me the swipe files and templates!

Digital Marketing Takeoff

Learn how to leverage digital marketing to boost year-end fundraising and make the most of Giving Tuesday.

High-Flyer Success Stories

Get inspired by real-world examples of nonprofits that achieved their goals using Feathr's strategies and marketing platform.

Flight School Sessions

Gain valuable insights and strategies to navigate your nonprofit's journey to reaching your goals.