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Referral Campaigns

Create beautiful co-branded landing pages, emails, and banners for your partners to share online.

Part of Engage

Referral Pages

Give your partners beautiful, trackable landing pages that drive traffic and registrations.

Referral Emails

Create email templates that partners can one-click-send from Feathr, or download and share with their audience.

"These Referral Pages give us the opportunity to put our brand out there to people who may not know us, and it has turned out to be a huge benefit to both our company and the exhibitors."

Brittany Bucceroni, Director of Marketing at BizBash

Referral Banners

Give your partners co-branded, trackable banners that they can use to promote their involvement with your event on their website.

Partner Dashboards

Provide each of your partners an all-in-one dashboard that they can use to customize, download, share, and track each of their referral assets.

Referral Campaigns are part of Engage

Our product for acquiring and engaging attendees and members.

Use Referral Campaigns for your next event

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