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Google Ad Grant Management

Maximize your Google Ad Grant with Feathr

Simplify your marketing workflow by running your Google Ad Grant campaigns right within Feathr. See more accurate reporting and conversions when you track your marketing channels in one place.


Why nonprofits run their Google Ad Grants in Feathr

Simplified interface

Build and launch your ads right in Feathr with an easy-to-use ad builder. Budget recommendations take out the guesswork so you never spend a dollar more than you need to.


Auto-suggested keywords

Feathr saves you work by scanning your destination URL to automatically suggest groups of keywords you should target. Simply select from the recommended words or use them as inspo to come up with your own.


More precise geotargeting

Ensure that you're showing up in the top search results for the areas you serve or want to reach. Easily focus your ad campaign to specific zip codes or radiuses on the map with geotargeting. 


Detailed tracking & reporting

Track conversions down to the cent to see how your search ad campaigns are performing. View your Google Ad analytics alongside your other marketing channels in comprehensive reports that show you what’s working and what’s not.

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