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Feathr is known as a great attendee acquisition tool for your events. I mean, we do bring in thousands upon thousands of attendees for our customers’ events every year. So the label is accurate. But today, let’s talk about another kind of attendee. Your exhibitors. Without them, you wouldn’t have an event. So how do you make sure they keep coming back year after year? Read on for some tips that we’ve seen be successful, no matter what kind of event you organize.

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Just yesterday, I experienced one of the best of life’s little pleasures. It was laundry day and I was wearing my last-resort pants. You know the ones--pants you only wear while waiting for a better option to be clean and dry. And when I reached in the pocket, I felt the crinkling of cash and suddenly there were two five dollar bills in my hand. No matter how much it is, found money will always make my day. We think it will make yours, too. That's why we've paired this article with a handy tool that will show you just how much money you might be leaving on the table. Read on to find out.


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In order for event organizers to deliver an engaging experience to attendees, exhibitors and all other event partners, they must take a 360º approach. For Feathr and Core-apps, that means a data-driven strategy that covers before, during, and after the event. Follow along with Core-apps VP of Sales Wayne Crawford and Feathr Chief Customer Officer Abhay Khurana as they discuss opportunities to make event tech work for the event experience and deliver more engaging, better-growing events.

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We still call ourselves a startup, but the truth is we’ve got plenty of experience points under our belts here at Feathr. In the past three years, despite pivots and two cross-country moves, we’ve worked with over a thousand events. In the process, we’ve learned that there are two ways to approach trade shows, expos, and conferences.

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Event organizers are amazing at leveraging their physical assets to generate revenue. No one is better at selling floor space to exhibitors or selling at-event exposure to sponsors.

But, why work for an entire year to only monetize your event for a few days?

The good news is that you don't have to any more. Your main asset, your audience, is available to you all year digitally – if you know how to capture and leverage it.

Join Aleksander, CEO and Co-founder of Feathr, for a deep dive into the world of digital monetization to learn how to continually monetize your audience year-round.

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Imagine running an event that didn’t start or end. Imagine an event that just continued all day, every day, for the entire year.

Sounds exhausting, right? Absurd even. What if I told you that this is exactly what you should be doing?

Now, I’m not talking about booking the Baltimore Convention Center for twelve months and having daily sessions, meals, and exhibitions. But what I am talking about is breaking the idea that your event only lasts for a few days.

It doesn’t. Your event lasts all year.

Why? Because your most valuable asset – your audience – lasts all year.  You can engage and monetize your event audience all year by changing your thinking and your approach to event engagement.

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Today more than 1000 events and associations like UBM, Emerald Expositions, CES, and NAB use Feathr to create attendee acquisition, partner referral, and digital sponsorship campaigns that actually work.

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