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Inflight Briefing: 029

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Apr 27, 2023 11:24:46 AM
Because Mother's Day is fast approaching, we wanted to offer some timely marketing ideas around the holiday. But before we begin, I understand that this day can be challenging and bring complex emotions for many of you. If this is true for you, we don't want to make it any more difficult than it already is, so please feel free to wait for next week's Inflight Briefing.

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029: What am I supposed to get my mom?

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? When I started seeing the question around the web, I thought I was well on my way to being a bad son. But don’t worry, you’ve got until Sunday, May 14. So, the clock's ticking… 😉

We wanted you to have plenty of time for two reasons: So you could figure out what to get your mother (since I know how impossible this can be), and so that you could set up a timely email or ad that takes into account what’s already top of mind for your audience.

The best marketing campaigns tap into what’s going on in your community members’ hearts. Daniel Murrary, author of The Marketing Millennials newsletter, recently wrote, “People buy because of emotion and justify with logic, and to truly connect with your audience, you need to get to the heart of their desires and motivations. 💖 ” 

To connect with hearts, it has to be a person writing the words, and they have to know that you truly care. That’s why fully AI-written copy and no-reply addresses are off the table when it comes to talking about one of the most important people in each of our lives: our moms.

- william (1)
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Snackable snippets 

6 essential tips for Mother’s Day email marketing 📖

Mother’s Day more than almost any other day can create that “Uh oh” feeling, which is why we wanted to help you stay ahead of the curve. This article reminds us marketers to keep it light and fun (it's springtime) and to spend extra time getting the subject line just right. All of the hard work of writing an email won’t pay off unless it’s actually opened!

Do’s and don’ts of fundraising events 🎧

One of the values of fundraising events is, like Mother’s Day, it only happens on a specific day. Cody Hays is the founder of Marketing Mission and is an expert when it comes to crafting memorable events for nonprofits. He joined the Feathr team recently during a Remix session, but in this podcast with the We are for Good team he really dives into specific tactics to make your upcoming event unforgettable. But before jumping into the tactics of success, the first step for Cody is always identifying the goal. He said, “What is the ultimate goal or purpose of this event? If we can't name that, maybe we shouldn't be having the event.” 

Do not “do not reply” 📖

There are some emails that make sense coming from a no-reply sender, but nonprofits and associations aren’t transactional companies and should almost always stay far away from the practice. Not only can these emails easily land in a spam folder, but they also come across as cold. These recipients are a part of your community or cause, so they deserve a personal touch. Make sure your community knows you care about them by spending the time to write warm-hearted messaging, but make sure you also write back when they follow up. A community is built on dialogue, and a no-reply address makes it clear that the sender wasn’t looking to start a conversation.

Boundaries for ChatGPT in email marketing 📖

ChatGPT is great at a few things: creating 10 subject lines to start the brainstorming process or offering an organized outline based on jumbled ideas. But it isn’t great at HTML design or writing within a brand’s voice. AI may one day be much more than a tool. But at least for the moment, it’s a really effective tool in the right hands and not very helpful in the wrong hands.

In the news

Wrexham, a Welsh town with a previously floundering soccer team, has seen their team promoted to the Football League after a 15-year absence. The team is owned by two well-known Americans, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who have done an incredible job marketing the team to a global audience, and racking up enough wins to make it back into the League. This sounds oddly similar to the plot of Ted Lasso.

Mother’s Day has become a big day for spending with 84% of U.S. adults celebrating their moms on the day. In 2022, Americans spent a total of $31.7 billion on their moms. The two top products were greeting cards and flowers, but special outings are on the rise.

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Something for your inspiration folder

While on the subject of moms, it’s important to remember that “they’re the true superheroes.” Though the Academies were a while ago, hearing Michelle Yeoh dedicate the award to her mom and all moms is still an inspiration.



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