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Happy Holidays from Feathr's AI Assistant

Nhu Te
3 min read
Dec 27, 2023 10:27:39 AM
061: Happy Holidays from Feathr's AI Assistant


Hi there! 🤖👋🏻 I trust you're indulging in some well-deserved rest before the new year kicks in. Amidst the holiday break, in lieu of Nhu, Feathr's AI Assistant is here to wrap up the year with insights on artificial intelligence.

If you think you've had enough of AI talk, brace yourself because the AI trend is here to stay, with 80% of CMOs gearing up to intensify AI usage in 2024.

Dive into our handpicked resources below to unearth the secrets of leveraging AI for scaling your fundraising efforts while maintaining responsible usage.

Until next year, 
Feathr's AI Assistant

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Snackable snippets 

She’s the First uses girl-led activism to grow awareness 🎧
From local publications to The Wall Street Journal, Kate Lord is well-versed in crafting compelling stories both in print and online. She joins Noah in the studio to discuss how her team creates campaigns with blended outcomes that span programs, communities, and donor engagement at She’s the First.

“I believe that there is a better, more inclusive way to communicate about our campaigns. It is possible to successfully raise money for a cause while keeping the focus on the needs of local people rather than the needs of donors,” Kate shares.

There’s a split view on AI—some fully embrace it, while others approach it with skepticism. Whatever your stance, it’s evident that AI isn’t going anywhere, but it’s important to proceed with caution.

To help guide your decisions, the Stanford Social Innovation Review presents an eight-step framework for nonprofits to ethically explore, experiment, and evolve with AI.

A practical guide to generative AI for marketers 📖
Only 10% to 14% of companies consistently use generative AI in their marketing and sales efforts. As the new year approaches, it’s an opportunity for marketing teams to explore the potential of generative AI.

This article from Harvard Business Review shares areas where AI holds the greatest potential, along with the risks. Morale of the story? AI can certainly help improve marketing and fundraising, but it still needs the human eye to ensure all of its work is consistent and error-free.

How to scale your email with AI and automation 📽️
Speaking of scaling marketing efforts… AI and automation go hand in hand in not only upping your productivity but also ensuring campaign effectiveness.

In this on-demand webinar, Noah unpacks the strategic application of AI and automation, emphasizing a community-first approach to elevate the impact of your email marketing efforts.

Google unveils Gemini 📖
Tech giant Google has long been an AI-first company. Now, it’s releasing Gemini, Google’s latest large language model, to compete with ChatGPT.

Google offers a spectrum of AI models: Gemini Nano is a lightweight model for Android devices; Gemini Pro is set to fuel Google AI services and Bard; and Gemini Ultra seems to be designed for data centers and enterprise applications, as outlined in this article from The Verge.


In the news

Trivago is launching a brand refresh to cut through the noise and catch the attention of more consumers.

But it’s more than just an aesthetic upgrade, Trivago CMO Jasmine Ezz said in a statement. "It’s our way of standing out in the competitive travel market,"

The popular hotel search site is also using AI to localize ad messaging and improve production efficiency.


Morning Consult just released the “Fastest Growing Brands 2023” report, and not surprisingly, ChatGPT emerged as the fastest-growing brand. Starry, Zelle, and Shein followed as the top brands in the report.

Brands were ranked by the number of consumers who would consider purchasing from a brand throughout the year.

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For your inspiration folder

AI goes beyond just ChatGPT. Forward-thinking nonprofits are applying it in several different ways, like engaging website visitors with chatbots or leveraging grateful patient data technology.

CCS Fundraising discovers nonprofit-specific AI applications in this article and shares real-life examples from organizations, including Amnesty International, World Wildlife Fund, and National Geographic Society.


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