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Digital fundraising strategies to retain EOY supporters

Nhu Te
3 min read
Dec 20, 2023 5:05:56 PM
060: Digital fundraising strategies to retain EOY supporters


You’ve put long hours into shaping your EOY digital marketing plan. When 2024 rolls through, you’ve likely procured a strong list of new supporters. But what's next?

Don’t let those supporters fall through the cracks. Explore ways to retain their support over time and increase LTV. After all, we all know acquisition takes up far more resources than retention.

This week, we’ll dive into digital fundraising strategies to help you engage and retain the support of these individuals for the long haul.

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Snackable snippets 

Going viral with ALIMA and Nazar Works 🎧
"Breath for All," a campaign created by ALIMA in collaboration with Nazar Works, raises awareness and funds for the millions of individuals in sub-Saharan Africa who lack access to crucial medical oxygen treatment.

Charlie Kunzer of ALIMA and Neda Azarfar of Nazar Works sit down with Noah in this episode of Good Marketing Unplugged to talk through the details of the campaign’s viral success.

In the midst of all of your EOY fundraising efforts, retention should be your primary end goal. How can you engage these donors to continue supporting your organization?

Tobes shares his retention toolkit, emphasizing that organizations need to pull more than a couple of these marketing levers if they really want to boost retention and LTV.

Applying the FACETS and ALPTruths to fundraising 📖
In an interesting take, Kevin Schulman, Founder of DonorVoice and DVCanass, explores how nonprofits can use Ian McCammon’s behavioral science frameworks for fundraising.

While using FACETS can help fundraisers understand the problem, ALPTruths aims to help them find solutions.

How to retain your year-end donors 📖
Abby Jarvis gives a deep dive into how to retain year-end donors. Not surprisingly, her retention strategies involve breaking the transactional donor relationship mold—like thanking the person, not their money.

Bonus: Take advantage of the thank-you letter templates at the end of the article.

It's time to diversify your donor engagement 📖
As older Americans gear up to transfer a whopping $84 trillion in wealth over the next two decades, nonprofits should be already strategically adjusting their fundraising and marketing to engage the younger generation.

While it’s tricky to find messaging that resonates across all generations, this article shares wisdom from experienced fundraisers and consultants. TL;DR: The key is to understand the unique desires of donors.


In the news

We just talked last week about the deprecation of third-party cookies, and it seems like it might be happening faster than we thought.

Beginning January 4, Google plans to test out its new Tracking Protection feature, restricting website access to third-party cookies. This will only affect 1% of Chrome users, and then phase out to all users in the second half of 2024.


Pizza Hut is giving back to all delivery drivers this holiday season, a marketing effort that it hopes to drive customer engagement and repeat business.

The pizza chain gave out 50 doormats to consumers to be displayed on doorsteps through December 27. Delivery drivers can scan the QR code on the doormat to redeem a Pizza Hut gift card code, with a minimum of 4,000 offers available.

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For your inspiration folder

Meet Leah Kral, Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation at Mercatus Center at George Mason University and author of “Innovation for Social Change.”

She joins Jon and Becky on the We Are For Good Podcast to inspire nonprofits to embrace innovation, take calculated risks, and adapt through learning, sharing examples from innovative organizations like World Reader and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Source: We Are For Good Podcast


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