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Start the new year strong by ditching old marketing habits

Nhu Te
3 min read
Jan 4, 2024 3:01:11 PM
62: Start the new year strong by ditching old marketing habits


Happy New Year! 🎉

We hope you had time to relax and re-energize over the holiday break. As we shake off what’s left of 2023, it's time to think about what you can do differently in the new year to drive more impact for your mission. 

Take a moment to assess the successes and shortcomings of the past year and pinpoint areas for improvement, revealing new growth opportunities.

Ready to kick old habits and explore new marketing strategies? Check out the resources in this week’s Brief 👇

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Snackable snippets 

Building a durable marketing growth plan 🎧
Tobes Kelly, renowned for his tenure as former VP of Digital Fundraising and Marketing at UNICEF and founder of the substack Some Personal News, joins Noah in this episode of Good Marketing Unplugged.

In a must-listen conversation, you’ll walk away with practical advice on balancing acquisition and retention, asking the right strategic questions, and focusing resources on the right audiences rather than just channels.

Change is unavoidable. As marketers, we know that tactics, strategies, and technologies are always evolving, forcing us to keep an open mind and adapt if we want to stay relevant.

First movers—those who embrace innovation, explore uncharted channels, and experiment with novel tactics—will find themselves at the forefront in 2024.

Here’s how to ditch unrealistic fundraising goals 📖
According to a previous Chronicle of Philanthropy survey, the second most common reason among fundraisers considering leaving the field was unreasonable expectations about fundraising goals.

To combat this growing concern, organizations need to set more realistic and attainable expectations when determining fundraising goals. In this article, experts share six principles for nonprofits to follow.

What marketers need to stop doing in 2024 📖
The new year is the perfect time to take a step back and revisit your marketing strategies. Are there tactics that don’t quite pack a punch, but you continue to use them because it’s “the way it’s always been done”? If so, this article is for you.

Marketing Week’s columnists share their thoughts on what practices should be stopped, started, or continued. Use these learnings to inform marketing in 2024.

Using the right tools to connect with members 📖
Is your priority this year to ramp up member engagement? The right membership software tools could make a noticeable difference in your approach. But with so many factors to consider, how do you know how to choose?

Read our guide on how to narrow your pick. The moral of the story: establish your criteria, go omnichannel, and pick the tools that align with your long-term goals.


In the news

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project recently released fundraising outcomes from Q3 of 2023. In this report, donors dropped 7.6% in Q3, double what it was in Q1, which was driven by fewer small and major donors.

With the new year comes bigger opportunities to bridge the disconnect between nonprofits and their donors. “Persistently declining donations across all donor types shows that the sector needs to focus on agility and adapting to the realities of donor behavior,” Woodrow Rosenbaum, Chief Data Officer of GivingTuesday, recommends.


In a surprising marketing twist, a new Emplifi report found that longer Instagram Reels outshine TikTok’s short-form videos by twice as much. The numbers don’t lie: Reels that were longer had 8,372 median views versus 3,379 on TikTok.

If anything, this should further encourage you to experiment with multiple video formats, because you never know what your audience's sweet spot may be.

For your inspiration folder

Advertising leaders like Vicki Maguire and Nils Leonard sit down with The Drum and open up about how they’ve built their careers while also sharing advice for fellow marketers.

Whether you’re just starting your career or have been in the game for quite some time, this piece is chock-full of inspiration from top creatives with decades of experience.

Source: The Drum


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