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Reach New People & Grow Your Community with Feathr

Discover digital campaigns that drive community engagement


In today's competitive digital landscape, building and expanding a loyal community is pivotal for the success of your nonprofit or association. Tune in to learn about all of the acquisition campaigns you can run in Feathr, from geofencing and keyword search campaigns to affinity targeting based on demographics and behavioral data like past purchases.

Isa Hasty, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Brock Edgar, Senior Digital Campaign Strategist, will cover why awareness and expansion campaigns are instrumental to growing your organization’s revenue, and they'll go over a variety of proven acquisition strategies with campaign examples from Feathr users. 

Join us to learn:

  • The fundamental principles of audience acquisition and how digital marketing software can streamline it for you.
  • Proven techniques for targeting, segmentation and effective outreach.
  • How to interpret data to refine your strategies, understand audience behavior, and make more informed decisions.
  • Insights from successful Feathr customers who have grown their communities through awareness campaigns.