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Inflight Briefing: 032

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May 25, 2023 3:44:24 PM

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Delivered weekly, the Inflight Briefing is designed as a blueprint for the builder and inspiration for the curious. It's for those doing good marketing

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032: Stereo is sweeter than mono

We nearly saw a historic finish to this year’s NBA conference finals. If the Boston Celtics hadn’t turned things around on the Miami Heat, both series would have ended in 4–0 sweeps — the first time this has ever happened. 

So what does basketball have to do with nonprofit marketing? As someone who is far from a sports analyst, I’m going to keep it simple. So much of success is built on synergy.

This is true for basketball and it’s true for marketing channels. Nobody gets far enough alone. In the NBA, there’s just too much talent for one person to carry their team all the way to the finals. And in marketing, there’s too much noise out there to cut through with a single channel.

Maybe email marketing is your star player, but it needs a team around it to really shine. We often say, stereo sounds sweeter than mono. And that’s true about good basketball teams, listening to the Beatles, and taking your marketing campaigns omnichannel.

- william (1)
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Snackable snippets 

How to lay a solid marketing foundation 🎧

Nicole Rodriguez is the senior manager of marketing and member outreach at the American Epilepsy Society. And she recently joined us in the Feathr studio for a Good Marketing Unplugged session, talking about how she ended up in her role and what she’s learned during her time running a marketing team of one. One of her key insights: "You've gotta take a pause for a second and make sure your foundation is solid before you start stacking things on top of it!" It’s so hard to hit pause during this moment, but calibrating your work with your goals takes planning and time. And it’s better to spend a little more time today planning than having to backtrack and start all over in six months.

Steve Jobs on building a dream team 📖

Steve Jobs was known as a hard boss to please, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t value the work his team brought to the table. One way that his teams looked different from others was the way they openly expressed their disagreements. Jobs didn’t see this as a weakness but rather as an advantage. The main objective was for the team to land at the right outcome in any decision, and this requires trust and an openness toward conflict and argumentation. As long as trust is present, arguments are a healthy way of developing perspective.

How to take your email marketing to the next level 🎥

Email is by far the most important channel of communication for nonprofit marketers. This is why we devoted our most recent Flight School entirely to the subject. Noah Barnett, our VP of marketing, talks through ways of better understanding and segmenting your email audiences. And then spends time diving into different aspects of your email that you can test to continue to improve performance and results.

“Marketing isn’t magic fairy dust” 💡

Chris Walker may be primarily focused on B2B SaaS companies, but this idea is especially applicable for nonprofits. Marketing isn’t magic. Only through audience-first, omnichannel, responsive, and measurable marketing campaigns can an organization go from relying on luck to planning for success. When nonprofit marketers

In the news

This may be the best news we’ve shared all year. Egg prices are beginning to crack! It felt like a luxury the last few months to fix an omelet on the weekend, but soon retail prices should respond to increased supply, and we should all get back to cracking a few eggs.

Who knew that less could be more? L.L. Bean, the outdoor giant, has decided not to post on social media during the month of May to draw attention to Mental Health Awareness Month. But impressions of their post are on the rise.

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Something for your inspiration folder

The Japan-America Society of Washington DC (JASWDC) used Feathr to get the story out about their yearly event Sakura Matsuri — the single largest celebration of Japanese culture in the U.S. 

By using Feathr Flights, they were able to better align automated emails with timely, well-placed ads, resulting in 14,000 tickets sold!



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