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Coping with shifts in attention and engagement

Nhu Te
3 min read
Jan 11, 2024 12:30:04 PM
063: Coping with shifts in attention and engagement


If you were with me last week, I talked about keeping an open mind about trying new things and tossing old habits that don’t bring us joy (aka results we need to succeed and grow).

Staying on a similar theme this week, I'm placing the spotlight on the generational shift in supporter behaviors and how to engage and retain the interest of our evolving supporters.

Dive in with me and learn about how even viral brand powerhouses like Stanley and Peloton had to revamp their marketing approach to find their place in a saturated market.

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Snackable snippets 

Marketers: Get comfortable with the unexpected 🎧
As the former CMO of ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership, Robb Lee understands marketing leaders have to be agile to succeed because nothing ever goes as planned. You have to be comfortable with “building the plane while flying it.”

Robb sits down with Noah in this episode of Good Marketing Unplugged. Listen in as he dives into marketing strategies in organizational decision-making.

In the push for brands to find ways to engage younger donors, Gen Z continues to surprise us with the way they like to interact. As traditional platforms become more media-centric, this generation is favoring closed group chats for intimate, two-way communication in ad-free spaces.

To adapt, this Digiday article calls out building brand-friendly communities. Luckily for nonprofits, community and connection are our bread and butter.

The push-pull of media investments in 2024 📖Tobes Kelly recaps his discussion with Noah on Good Marketing Unplugged. If you missed their convo on building a marketing growth plan, you can listen to it here.

What piqued my interest in this week’s SPN was his call for a digital reset. With an eye on RMNs and their potential value, nonprofits should invest more time in getting familiar with these ad networks so you don’t have to lean entirely on your agencies.

Get to know zero-click content 📖
Are you upping your social media strategy in the new year? While posting often is a good starting point, writing a caption and dropping a link can easily get lost in your supporters’ newsfeeds. Introducing… zero-click content.

This is simply making information more readily accessible to your audience, without forcing them to leave the platform to learn more. Examples include Instagram or LinkedIn carousels or short-form videos.

Smart social media strategies for conferences 📖
Compelling social content for events hinges on making your audience feel connected, but sometimes it’s easier said than done.

The Project Management Institute achieved success in its recent conference by granting creative freedom to staff, adopting an informal approach, and fostering member participation. Read tips from Kristin Jones, PMI’s Social Media Manager.


In the news

Stanley took social media by storm, especially following its collaboration with Starbucks. You would think it was Black Friday with people waiting in ultra-long lines and even camping outside of their local stores for the hot-pink tumbler cup.

This is a prime example of the scarcity model—when something is “limited,” it adds exclusivity, prompting swift and immediate action.


For the first time, Peloton will be producing custom content for an app outside of its channels. Through a partnership with TikTok, users can access videos in a dedicated #TikTokFitness Powered by Peloton hub.

Recognizing the way people engage with fitness is changing, this is a strategic move on Peloton’s part to reach a larger Gen Z audience.

For your inspiration folder

As a team of two, Katie Adkins, Director of Communication and Marketing at The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri, often has her hands tied. Working with several different platforms created barriers, and she knew her team needed a better way to increase efficiency.

The Food Bank centralized all its email, digital advertising, and data into a single platform using Feathr. With better visibility into its marketing efforts, the team was able to better personalize supporter journeys that brought in $72,000 in donations.


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