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Do PSL’s trigger anyone else?

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Aug 30, 2023 1:13:43 PM

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044: The wait is finally over ...  

It’s officially pumpkin spice ☕ latte (PSL) season. Expect to see a lot of selfies with what Eater can only describe as technically a “hot milkshake.”

You’re allowed to have your own feelings about the divisive drink. But it’s a fact that it’s some genius marketing to “trigger” everyone to start thinking of a “hot milkshake” when temperatures drop ten degrees. 

You might not have a whole season to claim for yourself, but do people connect your organization with something else? Is there a way for you to capitalize on that connection?

- william (1)
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Snackable snippets 

Jonah Berger on why things go viral 📖

The genius behind the Pumpkin Spice Latte is that it uses a “trigger.” As the temperature drops and fall approaches, we can’t help but connect the two and think, “Oh, Starbucks makes hot milkshakes now! I should grab one for breakfast!” Check out this blast from the past — an Inflight Briefing focused on all six of Jonah Berger’s tricks for creating content that goes viral.

5 email automation tactics to boost revenue 🎥

If you weren’t able to join last week’s Flight School, you’re in luck as we hit record before setting off on our email automation journey! Automated emails aren’t just about saying thanks. There are multiple times throughout the year that you should send triggered (not the same triggers as above!) emails, including birthdays, anniversaries, and registration or donation abandonments. 

Combining rational and emotional marketing strategies 📖

So much of marketing is reaching people on a subconscious level. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some good reasons too. Building bridges to people’s hearts often includes connecting thoughtfully with their brains. Don’t forget about the heart, but remember your members, donors, or supporters have great minds too. That’s why they think like you and have partnered with you!

The good enough job 🎧

“Wrestling with work is — for lack of a better term — the work of our lives,” says Simone Stolzoff during a recent episode of Ashley Menzies Babatunde’s podcast No Straight Path. Part of burnout is related to our own mindset about our careers. We expect our job to check off every box when maybe it should be more complex. Maybe work really should just be hard sometimes.

In the news

I know we already said the Pumpkin Spice Latte rolled out last Thursday, August 24, but the numbers continue to astound. This is year 20 for the beverage, and sales only tick up and to the right.

We’re still over a year out, but it’s expected that global ad spending will break the $1 trillion mark in 2024. A national election and the Olympics may be part of the explanation, but the other part is that it’s simply working.

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Something for your inspiration folder

This week we’re doubling down on examples of tech doing Good. Is all the news coming out of AI good news? Absolutely not. But it’s good to take a win when we can!

AI developed by teams at UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley are helping a woman paralyzed at 30 speak with facial expressions for the first time in 18 years


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