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Oh, that’s why everything’s pink

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Jul 26, 2023 11:51:54 AM

Delivered weekly, the Inflight Briefing is designed as a blueprint for the builder and inspiration for the curious. It's for those doing good marketing

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040: “Barbenheimer” has arrived!

“Barbenheimer” weekend has a strong chance of becoming the second-highest selling weekend ever for Hollywood. Though Barbie and Oppenheimer are very different movies, they have one thing in common: massive marketing budgets.

Barbie spent more on its marketing than the film itself. Estimates put production at $145 million while they spent $150 million to get the word out

There are few nonprofits or associations that are playing with that kind of budget. But, it’s worth asking the question, “does your organization know the power of marketing?”

- william (1)
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Snackable snippets 

How to reach a new generation of donors and volunteers 📖

Barbie is reaching a new generation of moviegoers. How are you reaching a new generation of volunteers, donors, or members? Marketing starts by identifying a market, or community, and then finding ways to meet them where they are.

Barack Obama’s summer reading list 💡

1 for 9 isn’t so good, but the one book I read, Poverty, by America, was definitely worth the time and heartbreak. Matthew Desmond, the Pulitzer-prize-winning author of Evicted, zoomed out this time to attempt to understand why there’s so much poverty in our country.

How to keep your AI use above board 🎥

Hubspot breaks down ways to ensure that you’re using AI ethically. At the top of the list is fact checking everything. AI has a tendency to judge all information equally, and that’s just not the way it works. After fact checking, make sure to check for biases. At the end of the day, the content you release is yours, so make sure it aligns with your own values.

Are productivity tools helping or hurting productivity? 📖

We have all the digital tools at our disposal, but us humans have had a hard time adjusting to this new normal. One of the biggest challenges is finding uninterrupted time to do the real thinking work of our day. Creativity and intelligence don’t happen by accident. They require focus, and focus requires disconnecting and unplugging occasionally. 

In the news

On the subject of “Barbenheimer,” about 200,000 moviegoers saw the two as a double feature. That sounds like a pretty confusing 5 hours.

Frito-Lay is giving Cracker Jack a break and putting Cracker Jill in the game. The marketing campaign is all about highlighting incredible women athletes, including Lindsey Zurbrugg, who will appear on Cracker Jill packages in 2024.

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Something for your inspiration folder

You likely already have a long list of movies to see: Barbie, Oppenheimer … But if you watched them together as a double feature and have time this weekend, check out AlphaGo.

Go is one of the oldest games in the world. And because of the complexity of the game, it took AI much longer to catch up with us humans.

It’s easy to have a strong opinion for or against AI. But this movie captures all the complexity of Go along with the complexity of partnering with technology to push ourselves further into an unknown future.


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