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Break through the corporate noise and drive engagement this year-end

Nhu Te
5 min read
Oct 19, 2023 7:22:11 PM
051: Break through the corporate noise and drive engagement this year-end


The accessibility of information has changed the way people consume information, and there are more distractions than ever vying for your supporters’ attention. It’s becoming increasingly harder to connect with your community when you're competing with the 24/7 news cycle, Swift x Kelce spottings, and Amazon's early holiday shopping advertising.

Without the star fervor of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce or the deep pockets of Amazon, how do you break through the noise to engage your community during the end-of-year hustle?

As you think about all of the outside elements taking away from your supporters’ attention, remember that the organizations in our sector provide unique and intrinsic value that can’t be found anywhere else: the unmatched feeling of doing something good for the benefit of others.

Read on as I share how you can use omnichannel marketing in your EOY campaigns to power up altruism, inspire engagement, and unlock support.

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Snackable snippets 

Hyper-personalize the supporter journey with CRM data 📖

Your CRM holds valuable information about your supporters, but are you effectively using that data to enhance the supporter experience or is it sitting in your database collecting dust?

From email marketing to search ads, find out how you can personalize each of these channels to drive volunteer engagement, larger donations, and more recurring gifts.

Using outcome-based marketing to increase conversion 🎧

What if I told you that adopting outcome-based storytelling and simplifying your messaging could lead up to a 50% increase in website conversion?

Learn how Starlight Children’s Foundation achieved these remarkable results in last week’s Good Marketing Unplugged. Cindee Starkie shares how unifying the org's marketing channels impacted supporter engagement in a big way.

Cross-channel collaboration amplifies digital fundraising 📖

Jen Newmeyer appeared in the Good Marketing Brief a couple of weeks ago when I featured her conversation with us on integrated marketing. I’m bringing her back this week as she dives into how critical collaboration is to the success and long-term health of digital fundraising in an op-ed on NonProfit PRO.

Not only is collaboration essential throughout the organization, but it’s especially key across all of your marketing channels including social media, email, paid ads, print, and every other effort to promote online campaign efforts.

Maximizing year-end results with omnichannel marketing 📽️

Using Feathr’s experience partnering with more than 1,500 nonprofits, this Flight School explores digital marketing strategies proven for EOY success.

Want to gain insights on how to get in front of the right audience at the right time? Watch this webinar to learn how to leverage omnichannel marketing to maximize outcomes, reach net new donors with targeted ads, and more!

What nonprofits can learn from RMNs 📖

Retail Media Networks are advertising platforms enabling retailers to offer ad space on their digital platforms to external brands. Especially with the phasing out of third-party cookies, retailers are beginning to look for other ways to target potential consumers through advertising on online marketplaces like Amazon or Target.

That’s great for retailers, but how is this applicable to nonprofits? RMNs offer nonprofits a chance to increase fundraising revenue through things like direct partnerships with retailers (think Salvation Army) and “curated wishlist” sales (think charity: water x Aveda).


In the news

Speaking of RMNs, Target is expanding its own by offering a self-service buying tool. Just in time for the busy year-end season, Roundel Media Studio intends to welcome small- and mid-size advertisers into the mix with a variety of buying options.

While this announcement is mainly targeted at the B2B space, it’s a good example of how brands can work together to achieve greater impact. During EOY and beyond, consider how your organization can enter into strategic partnerships with businesses and market opportunities to give through online channels, like getting a popup featured on a partner’s website, and offline channels, like displaying an ad in physical stores.


According to Siegel+Gale’s World’s Simplest Brands survey, Whole Foods has been titled the country’s simplest brand, which beat out corporate overlords Google and Amazon. Keeping it simple gives businesses a competitive edge. People just value it, as being perceived as simple is good for a company's bottom line and brand loyalty.

As EOY turns the corner, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your donation experience and minimize as many friction points as possible—like pre-selected giving levels, fewer data fields, more payment options, and fast page load time. Remember, simplicity is key.

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For your inspiration folder

Nonprofits have the same operating costs as for-profits, yet they are forced to endure scrutiny when 100% of donation revenue doesn’t go directly to the mission. Nonprofit legend Dan Pallotta has written a manifesto challenging this very notion, and he has recently released a documentary directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal that exposes the dark side of philanthropy and introduces a radical new way of giving.

Dan joins We Are for Good Podcast in this episode to dissect the skewed expectations of charitable organizations and explore how new media can be used as a catalyst to rewrite this narrative.

Uncharitable Dan Pallotta Documentary


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