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What does burnout really cost?

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Aug 23, 2023 12:20:23 PM

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043: Responding to burnout 

The biggest cost with burnout is the human toll, but right behind that is the loss organizations face. Ultimately, nobody wins when asked to do too much with too little.

Part of the organizational response is to find the right people for the work, but sometimes it's as simple as asking for one fewer item at a time.

- william (1)
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Snackable snippets 

How to hire the right person for your team 📖

Leading a team can often feel like herding cats, but there are a few things you can do when picking your team members to help it feel a little less that way. Start by describing the role you’re hiring for as accurately as possible instead of building an endless wishlist. Then try to see examples of work. Because at the end of the day, talk is cheap.

7 ways to improve team velocity 💡

Tobes always has good ideas when it comes to marketing, but his ideas for building momentum on a team are especially helpful as we make the turn into the final stretch of the year. Narrowing focus, limiting meetings, and defining responsibilities will begin getting the wheels turning again.

Combating burnout and compassion fatigue 🎧

The We are for Good podcast often focuses on burnout because they know how much is asked from nonprofit teams. And so many nonprofits are also serving people with big needs, who demand a lot of emotional presence. This means that on top of the massive amount of work they’re doing, they’re also having to be fully invested each moment. That’s a big ask!

Why diversity and inclusion are keys to marketing 📖

“77% of millennials are more likely to trust brands with diverse marketing.” Again, doing the right thing for your people and yourself pays off for the organization you’re building together. More and more, people are connecting that the whole story matters. So take a stand for what you care about and watch the positivity ripple out.

In the news

We constantly say that AI isn’t here to replace people’s jobs, but IBM is planning on doing just that. Is it overreaching for us to offer our opinion? We think IBM might just be overreaching here.

In other AI news, La-Z-Boy has launched a new prototype recliner called The Decliner. By pulling the handle, AI will automatically generate a cancellation excuse so you can focus all attention on the big screen, or on that nap. They’re only making three — for now.

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Something for your inspiration folder

Whoever said technology is bad hadn’t met this little waddling robot. The University of Notre Dame developed their robotic sea turtle to lead other fellow waddlers safely into the sea.


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