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3 Ways SME used Feathr to grow a digital audience and increase revenue

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Aug 9, 2017

SME's success using Feathr is now available as a free downloadable case study.

SME, formerly known as the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, puts on a lot of great events. The manufacturing industry is bustling and SME’s trade shows are always packed with the latest in manufacturing technology. But SME did not have the latest in digital audience reach. Understanding that they could do more with data, SME’s Amanda and Patti looked to Feathr to meet the goals they had for their 2017 events. For their big EASTEC show, Amanda and Patti needed to expand their audience to people who had never been in contact with SME or attended EASTEC. Using Feathr, they got what they aimed for. And much more.

Expanding Their Reach

The primary goal SME had for its 2017 shows was to expand its audience. Using Feathr’s personalization tools such as lookalike audience building and remarketing ads, SME was able to grow its digital audience. By the thousands. To learn how SME used Feathr, click below to download the full case study.

Download the FREE case study HERE!

Driving Registrations

When you have thousands of new prospective members and attendees, you have to do something with them, right? Feathr enabled SME to serve personalized ads--based on the new audience’s industry, web behavior, and more--to segments of their audience. With enticing personalized content, the new audience converted into registrations. By the hundreds.

Monetizing Partnerships

SME made valuable use of Feathr’s monetization module, a way for Feathr users to sell retargeting packages to their partners, for several events in the 2017 season. The monetization module is an excellent way for associations to efficiently increase non-dues revenue and enable the platform to pay for itself even quicker. Check out the full case study for more details.


Download the FREE case study HERE!

SME Case Study Cover
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