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Nonprofit and association automated email templates (Word Doc)

2 min read
Sep 6, 2023

We know one of the hardest parts of any work is going from 0 to 1. This is why we built templates, so there’s no excuse for not jumping into the wonderful world of automated emails.

We believe in automated emails not only because they’re going to help your team accomplish more with less, but because they’ll actually help you build deeper connections with your community. 

Your emails are landing in inboxes with the exact right message at the precise right time. And maybe even more importantly, depending on how you set up your automated emails, you’re sending these emails to only the right people!

The Word document below has 9 templates for you to copy and paste today. The templates include:

  • Donation and membership abandonment emails.
  • Anniversary emails.
  • Social sharing emails.

As with any template, please make these your own and spend a little time getting your voice into the mix. Your community wants to hear from you, so please take that extra minute to make it feel like it's coming from your heart.

But then just click send! We know how hard it is to send an email, especially when it's going out to all your people. But we believe your work is really important, and that means that your community needs to hear from you.

Download your automated email templates today! Below the form, we have additional instructions for best using your new automated email templates.

Download the Automated Email Templates

Every nonprofit is different, which means every nonprofit’s audience is different. We tried to include as many use cases as possible to help as many nonprofits as possible, but it’s likely that there are plenty of other great ways of using automated emails that we haven’t even touched yet. 

We highly recommend that even if you start by copying and pasting these templates into your email service provider, that you then take the time to sprinkle some personality into them. People follow people, and they don’t want to hear our words if they’ve followed you.

The first 4 templates are directed toward member-based organizations, while 5 through 8 are built with donation-driven organizations in mind. And then number 9 is just a surprise that works for everybody!

Here’s a confession: I’ve never written anything perfect in my life. I hope you’re ahead of me on this one, but I say this because I want you to have the freedom to just go for it! 

Your community wants to hear from you, so don’t keep them waiting!


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