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Nonprofit and Association ChatGPT Prompts (Spreadsheet)

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Aug 10, 2023

Everyone has an opinion about AI, but at the end of the day, nonprofit and association teams need to be tapping into this incredible resource for creating more with less.

So much of working with ChatGPT and other AI solutions is plugging in the right prompt. There’s even a whole conversation around this topic called “prompt engineering.” 

But you don’t need to become a full time prompt engineer to get some help from ChatGPT. We’ve created this spreadsheet for your team to use to start the conversation with the robots.

With the right inputs, you can start projects with at least a baseline. And this can help your small team get a lot done a lot faster.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • ChatGPT is less than a year old. This means that there aren’t really a lot of experts out there. Trust your own intuitions and experiment with your own prompts. The prompts below are really just a jumping off point. We’ve worked with over 1,500 nonprofits and associations, so we wanted to give our community a leg up in the process. 
  • Like a lot of us, ChatGPT has a difficult time with humor. It's either a lot or nothing at all. Striking the right balance for your organization will definitely require a human touch, but asking ChatGPT to either loosen up or tighten up will often at least get the output a little closer to what you're wanting.

Because of these two things, we believe AI isn’t at a place today to replace anyone on your team. And it likely never will, because nonprofits and associations are all about connecting people to people.

Your incredible marketing team still needs to be behind the prompts and final outputs. But using AI to get the conversation started and getting words on the page can be a huge lift for all the projects you have on your plate.

To use the prompts below, simply line up the use case column (make sure to scroll right if you download the CSV) with the content format row. Then voila! Plug away and see what ChatGPT has to offer!

We hope these 18 prompts will help you as you jump into the wonderful and crazy world of AI!

Download ChatGPT Prompts


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