Aidan Augustin

Co-founder and President of Feathr. When not at work I can be found playing ultimate frisbee, singing karaoke, and teaching people how to dougie.

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Dallas, TX and Gainesville, FL  Freeman, the world’s leading provider of brand experiences, and Feathr, a global leader in data-driven event personalization, today announced Freeman has become a key investor in Feathr’s most recent round of funding. Feathr’s proprietary technology allows organizers and marketers to leverage their data by combining sources like registration, CRM, social followers and website analytics to launch effective multi-channel campaigns across email, landing pages, online advertising, social media and chatbots.

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Beyond Better Digital Marketing

You probably know Feathr as “The Event Marketing Cloud.” Since our beginning, we at Feathr have seen the event industry lagging behind modern digital marketing practices, and we sought to bridge that gap with a simple set of tools. In fact, Feathr’s product for the past two years could be described as “a lightweight digital marketing solution built specifically for event organizers.” But these features, and the problems of digital marketing in general, were just the low-hanging fruit.

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Feathr, The Event Marketing Cloud, has been selected as winner of the prestigious UFI Technology Award.

Each year UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, grants their Technology Award to the best new technology that supports the exhibition industry. This year, UFI's international panel of exhibition professionals selected Feathr as the standout company from the large group of world-wide contestants.

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Retargeting is a marketing technology with huge potential for growing events. But, it's dramatically under-utilized by event organizers. And even when it is used, it isn't fully understood.

Join Aidan Augustin, our co-founder and President for a crash-course in this technology and a step-by-step breakdown of how to quickly implement it to start growing your event.

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Feathr has changed a lot during the four-year rollercoaster ride of our existence. We started off as a group of naively confident under-graduate students trying to transform interpersonal networking with our “digital business card” app. Then we morphed into an event app company, building mobile solutions for more than 350 conferences and associations over two years.

About 18 months ago, armed with insights from our event customers, great advisor relationships, and the lessons we had learned from a few year’s worth of business, we pivoted into the Feathr that you know and (hopefully) love today – a marketing cloud specifically built for event organizers.

Along the way, we went from a team of four to a team of thirteen, all the way back down to a team of just two. Today we’ve steadily built back up to nine awesome people who are helping us on our mission to bring the event industry to the forefront of the digital marketing arena.

But, along this entire journey that has entailed so much change, one thing remained the same: our logo.

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GAINESVILLE, FL/LONDON, UK: Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading event organizer, and Feathr, the Event Marketing Cloud™ helping grow and monetize events through digital channels, today announced that they have expanded their partnership to bring Feathr to more than 100 of Reed’s events around the globe.

“Feathr is the first digital marketing platform truly built around the needs of the modern trade show,” said Ted Rawson, Chief Digital Officer at Reed Exhibitions. “After seeing strong results with our North American shows, it was a priority to empower our other business units with this technology.”

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Feathr empowers event organizers to easily create personalized event experiences through data, insights and communication. Feathr’s proprietary platform provides a comprehensive single customer view for event organizers of customer/prospect profiles and behavior, enabling users to directly act on the insights received within the platform for powerful results. Feathr has powered more than 750 events worldwide to create personalized event experiences for leading organizers including UBM, Emerald Expositions, CES, NAB, and many more.

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