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In the era of social distancing, many associations have turned to programmatic advertising to grow their memberships.

With site retargeting alone, the most adept turn web visits into revenue without exhausting their marketing budgets.

But despite the power of these tools, attracting new members is still a process.

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Your members should be your highest priority. With more members, your association gathers more support as well as opportunities to network and share knowledge. People join associations to interact with others in the same professional field or with similar interests, so you should be actively engaging as many members as you can.

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It is easier than ever for your members to receive continuing education as well as network through social channels and groups outside of your association. With competition continuing to ramp up, it's important that associations actively engage their members on an ongoing basis.

Some ways to continue boosting member engagement can include establishing online member communities, offering eLearning opportunities, hosting in-person events, and promoting philanthropy. These types of activities are especially important as your Millennial and Gen Z membership grows - both groups are social, accustomed to having everything (included education) at their fingertips, and want to be associated with organizations and brands that support volunteerism, charity, and other philanthropic initiatives.

There is a good chance you are probably using one, if not all, of the tactics outlined above. Whether you are or not, it is important that these are all considered to be key elements of your member engagement strategy. Here are some tips on how to utilize them.

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Robust membership is the core of every successful association, and membership growth is the goal of every association marketer. Association marketers are resourceful people—meeting big goals with tight budgets and small teams will do thatso they need modern tools that perform without adding significant burden.

Targeted digital advertising has become the ultimate solution for today's membership directors and marketers, and in this post we’ll look at three ways you can start using it to boost your association’s membership ranks. Keep reading to learn more.

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