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Can I see your credentials?

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Aug 16, 2023 10:12:45 AM

Delivered weekly, the Inflight Briefing is designed as a blueprint for the builder and inspiration for the curious. It's for those doing good marketing

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042: The AI Issue

How long has ChatGPT been around? Less than 9 months. That means the PhD in AI prompt engineering still has another 2 years left on their Masters and likely another 2 or 3 before they present their dissertation.

What I’m trying to say is that there aren't any AI experts out there, yet. Maybe if they wrote the code they deserve some credibility, but even then, the point of AI is that it’s building on itself.

So we’ll say it again; trust yourself and take it for a spin. See what happens!

- william (1)
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Snackable snippets 

 Reimagining marketing as a superpower 🎧

Noah Barnett, our VP of marketing, joined Matt Barnes on his podcast Nonprofit Connect. Nonprofit marketers have a unique advantage over for-profit marketers. They have a mission to propel the message with. Noah asks, “If we can use marketing to convince people to do irrational things, can we use marketing to convince people to do rational things that help humanity grow?”

When transactional is better than transformational 📖

Last week’s Inflight Briefing was highlighting how transformational marketing from nonprofits can connect on a deeper level than a more transactional approach. But sometimes transactions are what people are looking for. In this article, Hubspot creates a framework for leaders to interact in more transactional ways to increase clarity for their teams. It isn’t always better than transformational leadership, but there’s likely a place for each.

ChatGPT prompts for nonprofits and associations 💡

We build these 18 prompts to help nonprofits and associations take their first steps interacting with ChatGPT. So much of getting the right output from AI is about putting the right things in. Also, never stop editing both the prompt and the output. The best things don’t happen overnight — they often take time and a few iterations.

13 SEO ideas for boosting traffic 📖

SEO and search engine marketing are so important for smaller nonprofit and association marketing teams. SEO is free once you’ve produced the content, so it’s all about making sure that you organize your content in a way that the search engines like. If you’re looking for even more ideas about upleveling your search marketing, join us at 2 P.M. today for a Flight School on SEO and Google Ads strategies.

In the news

If you’ve been keeping up with Twitter, I mean X, then you know how polarizing a character Elon Musk can be. But Esther Crawford’s inside take is surprisingly balanced and insightful. It sounds like it was a roller coaster, but some folks like a good roller coaster.

It’s official: Taco Tuesday belongs to us all now, or at least almost everyone (Sorry, New Jersey). But the biggest winner will certainly be Taco Bell. Taco John’s officially relinquished their “Taco Tuesday” trademark and now 49 of our states will be getting free Taco Bell on September 12.

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Something for your inspiration folder

It’s not everyday that a for-profit cooler company makes the list for inspiration, but Yeti’s copy on these ads is top notch


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