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Future-Ready Marketing Strategies: How to Adapt in a Changing World

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Dec 7, 2023

Marketing is constantly shifting as the landscape of society changes. Nonprofits that stay informed about emerging trends, embrace innovation, and effectively communicate their impact will be future-ready. 

Today we’ll explore future-ready marketing strategies inspired by Camille Curry, the VP of Marketing and Communications at NAF, a national education nonprofit dedicated to supporting high school students in becoming future-ready. In her role at NAF, Camille applies her background in sports marketing to reach six key audiences with targeted campaigns to uniquely engage each with their mission. Despite the complexity, NAF's marketing strategy revolves around core future-ready tenants that have positioned them well to adapt to change.

Tenants of Future-Ready Marketing

Evaluate and Refine Messaging: Start with a strong foundation by evaluating and refining your organization's messaging. Clear and compelling messaging simplifies marketing efforts.

Segmentation is Key: Understand where your different audience groups are and tailor your content to resonate with them. Segmentation helps in strategic content distribution across various channels.

Dig Deeper into Storytelling: Continuously explore new angles and perspectives for storytelling. Look beyond the obvious to find compelling narratives within your organization.

Activate Your Community's Voice: Leverage the voices of your community members. For NAF, that includes students, alumni, educators, business partners, policymakers, and donors. Real stories create authenticity and connection.

Utilize Data for Storytelling: Dig into your organization's data to uncover compelling stories. Data can affirm your mission, highlight successes, and spotlight areas for improvement.

Spotlight the Gap: Don't shy away from showcasing data that reveals gaps or challenges. These gaps can provide opportunities for innovation and a fresh approach. 

These tenants can serve as a guide for purposeful marketers aiming to make a meaningful impact in advancing their mission and positioning it for success well into the future. To hear more about NAF’s journey, lessons learned and real-life examples of these tenants at work, listen to Camille’s full Good Marketing Unplugged podcast episode here or below. 



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