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Reporting Improvements Galore (and more)!

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Sep 19, 2022

Reporting and email subscriptions in Feathr got a series of helpful improvements this month. Check 'em out:

Subscription Management Updates

Email subscription management now has more user-friendly features. You control what your email recipients see when they manage their subscription status. Under account settings, you can change the display name of your Feathr account from the recipient's perspective.

For example, Feathr's own account for internal use is named Feathr Marketing. If we want it to say Feathr, Inc. on the subscriptions page our email recipients see, that is now editable under Account Settings > Subscriptions (Along with a handy preview).

Subscription Prefs 1

Similarly, because a separate email subscription status is created for each Project, and email recipients can opt in or out of any given Project, you now have the option to change the display name from what you as the Feathr user sees to what you want your recipients to see. So if you have a project named Money Pleeeease, you might consider changing the display name to something a little more pro, like Spring Donation Drive.


Be sure to read this Help Desk article for instructions to update subscription preference displays in Feathr.


Link Performance Table

Your Email Marketing Campaign reports now offer more information about link engagement in your emails. Yes, you've always had stats on how many clicks your emails got, but now you have a granular link performance table, separating and displaying the number of clicks for each link. Here's what it looks like:

Link Performance Table

Maybe your email has a great announcement link in a CTA, but you take the opportunity to promote and link to an upcoming webinar in your signature too. Now you can see the breakdown of engagement with every link you include, no matter where they are in the email and no matter how many there are. Useful, no?


Targeted, Sends, and Not Sent 

Knowing more about your email engagement helps you make informed choices, right? Well now Feathr email marketing campaign reports offer even more information about deliverability. 

Email Reporting Stats

Your reports now display stats on targeted sends, actual sends, and emails not sent. What does that mean?

Targeted sends refers to the number of email addresses in the list you've targeted to be sent.

Sends refers to the number of successful sends once the campaign is published.

Not sent is the difference between the two. 

With these stats, you have a clearer picture of your deliverability and the health of your list. Here's more information about Email Campaign Reports from our Help Desk.

P.S. Want to improve deliverability and increase email security? Add an email sending domain to your Feathr account. It's easy.

Other New Improvements:

We updated the terminology in reports that have conversion goals. What used to say ROI is now more accurately labeled as conversion value.

Conversion Value

Another new detail in Feathr is you can now view which campaign influenced an action in the activity feed of your people records. Our people records have always displayed which creative or page someone interacted with, but now you can also see exactly which campaign was associated with a given interaction. 

And lastly, here's a helpful update from the why-didn't-we-think-of-that-sooner category: when you customize your report configuration (from the configure report button), your customizations become the default choices until you change them again. Nice.

Thanks as always to our hard-working product team, and be sure to scroll below and subscribe to Feathr News to make sure you always get notified of the latest changes, updates, and improvements to Feathr! 

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