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View emails as webpages, reporting upgrades, and more!

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Feb 21, 2023

Welcome to your digest of new features and updates that help Feathr work harder for you.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a webpage version of the beautiful email you worked so hard on, and be able to share them with your team or even use as a standalone marketing page? Well now you do. The latest Feathr product update includes a view email button in every Email Marketing campaign report. Now go and check it out!

View Email

Next, some enhancements to the data importer. Now when you import people data, you'll see a preview of your data mapping. There’s also a table that lists all your previous imports as well as helpful info about them. People records will now display when they were created via import, as well as any time an existing record is updated via import. This gives you, the user, a clearer view into the success and status of your imports. Read more about imports.

Created by Export Abhay

Reports got a boost, too. In Project and Flight reports, Ad activity and Email activity are separated more clearly, with views and clicks shown for Ads, plus Email performance blocks displayed next. It’s a handy tweak that makes reports easier to read and puts the important bits front and center. Check out the Reports section of our help desk.


Performance blocks


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