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We’re excited to announce that you can now run all of your email marketing campaigns in Feathr!

Until recently, we were focused primarily on helping customers succeed on one channel: digital advertising. In a world where email marketing solutions were plentiful, we set out to help marketers use digital advertising to reach their audiences in new ways.

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Empowering your stakeholders to promote your virtual event (and themselves) is one of the most powerful forms of advertising an organization can hope for.

If you can get speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to promote their involvement, you’ll stand an even greater chance of connecting meaningfully with untapped and highly engaged audiences.

But to reap the maximum benefits of influencer marketing—namely, using people and brands with reach to expand your own—your organization must make it easy for them to participate.

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Promoting your virtual event in a way that generates excitement will take more than a few digital tactics.

You don’t want to devote the bulk of your attention to the technical aspects around execution without thinking about strategy. 

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Virtual events are nothing like in-person ones.

You can’t control an attendee’s environment, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to feed off the energy of the audience, and exchanging business cards is decidedly off the table.

Despite these differences, many organizations have tried to replicate the characteristics of in-person events when going virtual—whether that meant maintaining a hefty price tag or positioning the event as the digital equivalent of their annual meeting.

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In the era of social distancing, many associations have turned to programmatic advertising to grow their memberships.

With site retargeting alone, the most adept turn web visits into revenue without exhausting their marketing budgets.

But despite the power of these tools, attracting new members is still a process.

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There’s no sugar-coating it – times are really tough for associations. Between canceled or delayed events, sponsor and exhibitor drop-off, and other factors, many associations are left wondering how they’ll stay afloat in the coming months, let alone thrive. 

But here’s the key: instead of focusing on missed opportunities, shift your priorities and marketing goals to match what you can do right now. 

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