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Dallas, TX and Gainesville, FL  Freeman, the world’s leading provider of brand experiences, and Feathr, a global leader in data-driven event personalization, today announced Freeman has become a key investor in Feathr’s most recent round of funding. Feathr’s proprietary technology allows organizers and marketers to leverage their data by combining sources like registration, CRM, social followers and website analytics to launch effective multi-channel campaigns across email, landing pages, online advertising, social media and chatbots.

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Feathr, the event personalization platform, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Freeman, the world’s leading provider of brand experiences. Freeman has been an early Feathr supporter and two-time investor. Now the company is demonstrating even more confidence in Feathr’s results by offering our product to its customers as part of the Freeman Digital Marketing Services solution. Here are four reasons why that’s great news for events:

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Ever wished you could clone yourself and get more done? Although you can’t (yet), the good news is you can use cloning in your digital marketing to quickly expand your reach and target new event audiences.

But what does that mean, exactly? I’m talking about a marketing technology known as lookalike modeling. Lookalike modeling is a simple and efficient way of broadening your digital marketing reach with little risk. In this post, I’ll explain lookalike modeling and how you can use it to target new audiences for your events.

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We’ve done it again, Fine Feathr Friends. We outgrew our home and have expanded to new horizons.

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Beyond Better Digital Marketing

You probably know Feathr as “The Event Marketing Cloud.” Since our beginning, we at Feathr have seen the event industry lagging behind modern digital marketing practices, and we sought to bridge that gap with a simple set of tools. In fact, Feathr’s product for the past two years could be described as “a lightweight digital marketing solution built specifically for event organizers.” But these features, and the problems of digital marketing in general, were just the low-hanging fruit.

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Jennifer Yarber, Marketing Director for HD Expo, had a strong pulse on her event. She saw that the best performing acquisition channel was exhibitor referrals. But she could see that referrals still had plenty of room for improvement.

HD Expo’s referral program began as paper postcard invites, but now, a decade and half into the 21st century, people are not responding to direct mail as once before.

Not only that, traditional referral marketing programs are cumbersome for organizers to manage and a headache for exhibitors to use.

“Share these paper passes? Upload my valuable list of email addresses for you to email?” No thanks.

Jennifer needed a better way to generate referrals for HD expo.

“How do we remove friction to encourage exhibitors to invite their audiences to attend HD Expo? And, how do we track the path to attendee conversion?”

This was the essence of Jennifer's problem.

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Feathr empowers event organizers to easily create personalized event experiences through data, insights and communication. Feathr’s proprietary platform provides a comprehensive single customer view for event organizers of customer/prospect profiles and behavior, enabling users to directly act on the insights received within the platform for powerful results. Feathr has powered more than 750 events worldwide to create personalized event experiences for leading organizers including UBM, Emerald Expositions, CES, NAB, and many more.

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